Tuesday, March 03, 2015

SMSA Lunch

Monday, March 02: Toasted Ravioli w/Meat Sauce & String Cheese, Deli Turkey & Cheese Sandwich, Chef Salad w/Roll, PBJ Sandwich, Cooked Carrots, Chilled Pears, Cold Milk

Tuesday, March 03: Chicken Nuggets w/Bread, Meatball Sandwich, Caesar Salad, w/Ranch Crackers, PBJ Sandwich, Whole Kernel Corn, Chilled Peaches, Cold Milk

Wednesday, March 04: Corn Dog, Sloppy Joe Sandwich, chef Salad w/Roll, PBJ Sandwich, Sunset Sip Juice, Steamed Broccoli & Cheese, Chilled Applesauce, Cold Milk

Thursday, March 05: Taco Salad, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Caesar Salad w/Roll, PBJ Sandwich, Seasoned Black Beans, Raisels, Cold Milk

Friday, March 06: Cheese Quesadilla, Baked Potato w/Cheese & Bread Slice, chef Salad w/Roll, PBJ Sandwich, Seasoned Green Beans, mandarin Oranges, Chocolate Elf Grahams, Cold Milk

Need the monthly menu for the fridge? Here it is!

2014-2015 School Calendar

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Subject to change without notice!!!