Monday, September 01, 2014



Mrs. Schaab's Blog


Math 6--We are working with ratios and rates. 

English 6--We are reviewing sentences, sentence fragments, and the subject and predicate of a sentence.

Vocabulary-- We have been working on Unit 1 a section at a time.  The spelling test is on Thursday and the Vocabulary test is on Friday.  The student must know how to spell each of the 20 words, the meaning, synonyms and antonyms, part of speech, and the syllable that is accented in each of the words.  They can use Spelling City website as a method of study.

Social Studies 6--We are reviewing map terms and how to locate a place using latitude and longitude.  There will be a test on Thursday.  They will make a foldable on Tuesday to help them study for the test.

The seventh grade is working on ratios, unit rates, and complex fractions.  We also be working on converting units on Thursday and Friday.

7th grade pre-algebra is working on properties and writing expressions using variable and also using order of operations.  They will have a mid chapter test on Thursday.


The Algebra class is working on Order of operations and the properties of numbers.  They will have a quiz on the properties on Wednesday. Then we will be learning about relations and functions.


In 5th grade math, we are reviewing place value and learning to write decimals through the thousandths.  We will have a midchapter tets on Wednesday on lessons 1 through 4.




Students should be selling pizzas etc. for the school fundraiseer.  The order forms went home on Friday.

Monday, September 1st is Labor Day so there is no school.

Please sign planners every night.  Your signature means that you have checked to see that their work is completed and is in their planner.

Please remind students to study a little each evening and not wait until the day before the test.

 Also remind them of the importance of having homework done on time and done carefully.