Sunday, April 19, 2015






March 30--April 3                              

Math 6-- We are working on writing algebraic expressions.  We will have a quiz over lessons 1-5 on Wednesday.

English 6-- We will be working on identifyng subject and object pronounds.

Vocabulary-- We are working on Unit 13--it will be due the Thursday after Easter break.

Social Studies 6--We are learning about Greece.


The seventh grade is working on simplifying algebraic expressions.

7th grade pre-algebra has a test on percents on Wednesday.

The Algebra class is working on adding and subtracting rational numbers and solving rational equations.

The 5th grade is working order of operations and writing expressions.



 I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Break.

 Our class collected $5.54 for the Luekemia Lymphoma drive.

 On Wednesday, April 8 we will be going on our vocation field    trip  sponsored by the Serra Club.  Permission slips due  this  Wednesday.

We will watch the 8th grade present the Passion on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.

Our field trip is on Friday, April 10.  The permission slips are due by Tuesday.

Please encourage your students to READ.

I am trying to encourage the students to be neater with their written work and also to be more conscientious about doing homework assignments.

 Please remind students to study a little each evening and not wait until the day before the test.

Also remind them of the importance of having homework done on time and done carefully.