Sunday, September 21, 2014



Mrs. Schaab's Blog

September 15--September 19

Math 6--We are working with ratios and ratio problems.  We will have a Chapter 1 test next Tuesday.

English 6--We are studying nouns, pronouns, and adjectives this week.

Vocabulary-- We are working on Unit 3.  The unit is due on Friday.  The spelling test is next Monday and the vocabulary test is next Tuesday.

Social Studies 6--We have a test on Tuesday.  We are learning about life in the Old and New Stone Age. 

The seventh grade is working on writing and solving proportions.

7th grade pre-algebra is working on integers.  We are adding, subtracting, finding the absolut value and comparing them.  We have a quiz on the first 3 sections on Friday.


The Algebra class is working on solving equations.  We are also doing consecutive integer problems.  We have a test over the first 4 sections on Friday.


In 5th grade math, we are working on word problems and reviewing for a Chapter 1 test on Thursday.



Thanks to all who sold pizzas for the school fundraiser.

Next week is Iowa testing week.  Please see that students eat a good breakfast and get a good night's sleep.

I am trying to encourage the students to be neater with their written work.


Please sign planners every night.  Your signature means that you have checked to see that their work is completed and is in their planner.


Please remind students to study a little each evening and not wait until the day before the test.

 Also remind them of the importance of having homework done on time and done carefully.