Wednesday, March 04, 2015







March2--March 6                                 

Math 6-- We are working on comparing and ordering rational numbers.  We will also be graphing on a coordinate system.

English 6-- We will be learning the principal parts of regular and irregular verbs.  We will have a quiz on the irregular verbs that are in the charts on Ch. 16.

Vocabulary-- We will have a spelling test on Unit 11 on Thursday and a Vocabulary test on Friday.

Social Studies 6--We are learning about the the early Chinese Empires. The students did a great job on their African American reports!


The seventh grade is working on changing between customary and metric units and also on dividing fractions.  We will have a Chapter Test next week.

7th grade pre-algebra will have a test on Tuesday.  Then we will be working with percents.

The Algebra class is working on factoring polynomials.

The 5th grade is working on multiplying decimals and we will also be looking at the properties for multiplication.  They will have a quiz on Friday.



March is the day to eat with your 6th grader.

We have Stations of the Cross every other Friday.

Science Carnival is Thursday evening.

Next Thursday is Spring Carnival.

Please encourage your students to READ.

I am trying to encourage the students to be neater with their written work and also to be more conscientious about doing homework assignments.

 Please remind students to study a little each evening and not wait until the day before the test.

Also remind them of the importance of having homework done on time and done carefully.