Tuesday, November 25, 2014



 MRS. SCHAAB'S BLOG                                

November 10--November 14          

Math 6--We are working on using the percent proportion to solve problems.

English 6--We are working on clauses.  The clauses are independent or subordinate and they can be adjective or adverb.

Vocabulary-- We have a spelling test on Unit 6 on Monday and a vocabulary test on Wednesday.  Then we will be working on the review unit 1-6.  This is due next Thursday (Nov. 20).  The spelling test will be Monday (Nov. 24) and the vocabulary test will beTuesday (Nov. 25).

Social Studies 6--We are learning about Egypt.  This includes learnng about the mummies and pyramids.  After we have the test we will be working on making mummies. 

The seventh grade has a mid chapter quiz on Monday.  We will be working on % of change, % of error, finding sales tax and markup amounts.

7th grade pre-algebra is reviewing for a Chapter 3 Test which will be on Friday.


The Algebra class is working on slope of parallel and perpendicular lines, lines of best fit and inverse functions.  We have a test on Friday.


In 5th grade math, we are working on dividing.  We will be dividing 3 and 4 digit dividends.  We will have a quiz on lessons 5 to 8 on Friday.



Parent Conferences on Monday.

No school on Tuesday in honor of Veteran's Day.

Please encourage your students to READ.

I am trying to encourage the students to be neater with their written work and also to be more conscientious about doing homework assignments.

 Please remind students to study a little each evening and not wait until the day before the test.

 Also remind them of the importance of having homework done on time and done carefully.