Friday, November 21, 2014



November 3 – November 7, 2014

Monday, November 3   Complete My Homework, Lesson 3, Add to a Two DigitNumber.

Tuesday, November 4    Complete Finding the Root Word.

Wednesday, November 5    Begin studying for our Communities test in Social Studies.  A Study Guide is attached. The test will probably be next Wednesday.

Thursday, November 6   Study for your spelling test.

Additional Notes/Reminders

  • We had a great Halloween party Friday afternoon.  Thank you Karen Dinan, Laura Minor, and Rona Vaughn for bringing treats and coming in to help with the party.

  • Picture re-take day is this Wednesday, November 5th.  Wednesday is also the first Wednesday of the month which means early dismissal at 1:30 for our faculty meeting.  AND, Wednesday is also a PTO meeting at 7:00 pm.

  • We are beginning a special project with our 7th grade buddies this week. The older students will be teaching the 2nd graders all about oceans.  Both groups are usually very excited about this project!

  • We will have Parent Conferences next Monday starting at 1:00 p.m.

  • There will be no school next Tuesday in honor of Veterans Day.

  • Second grade will be responsible for readings, etc. at the mass on Friday, November 14th. I will try to send the practice sheets home on Friday.  The extra practice at home makes a big difference in the children’s confidence.  Thanks so much for taking time to practice with them. 

      Week 9                                       Week 9

Spelling Words                           Spelling Words

     Basic List                                 Alternate List

       place                                                   sauce                  

barge                                                  charged

trace                                                   graceful

ice                                                       since

bulge                                                   orange

badge                                                  bridge

space                                                   peace

range                                                   pledge

mice                                                     spruce

cage                                                     engaged

Memory Words                            Memory Words

        out                                                       out

        wash                                                    wash

saw                                                      saw                                                   

Review Words                             Review Words

mule                                                      mule

        huge                                                     huge    


Challenge Words                        Challenge Words

      celebrate                                            celebrate


Behavior Plan 2004-2015

Mrs. Kinsella’s Class

We have two basic rules in our classroom:

  1. Show that we love God, ourselves, and others.
  2. Show that we are thankful for our school, our classroom and the materials in it.

We show that we love God, ourselves, and others when …

          1.  We are nice to each other.  We use kind words.

2.  We think for ourselves and make good choices-even when no one is watching.

3.  We listen carefully when others (adults and classmates) are speaking.

4.  We take turns talking.

5.  We tell the truth, even when it is difficult to do so.

6.  We choose behaviors that allow our friends to learn without distractions.

7.  We use good manners.

8.  We help others who need or ask for our help.

9.  We play together peacefully and solve problems peacefully.

          10. We walk quietly inside school and run outside.

                    11.  We take some time to pray each day.

12.  We give our best effort every day to use the brains God has given us to help us learn.

We show that we are thankful for our school, our classroom and the materials in it

when …

  1. We use all books and materials carefully and respectfully.
  2. We clean up any messes we create.  We work together to clean the big messes.
  3. We work with our tools and play with our toys.

Learning to 1) demonstrate self-control and 2) show respect for others are very important second grade goals.  I do not expect that the children have already mastered these tasks.  All children occasionally forget the rules.  When that happens I will

                   1st  Give a verbal reminder.

                   2nd Ask the child to “take a break”.  “Take a break” means move away from the group briefly (15-20 seconds) to think about the appropriate behavior. It is not punitive.  The children understand that this is their opportunity to demonstrate self-control before a more serious consequence is given.

          I also believe in the importance of logical consequences.  For example, failure to come to the line when recess is over will result in the loss of the next recess.  Misuse of materials may result in a loss of the privilege of using that material for a specific period of time.

          Finally, but most importantly, I will celebrate good behavior choices through the use of individual conferences with children, notes to parents, and classroom good behavior celebrations.  




Important Dates for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist

  • Wednesday, January 14th, First communion Meeting for Parents, 7:00 pm at St. Mary’s
  • Rite of Enrollment for First Eucharist and Confirmation

      Saturday, January 17th, 4:30 pm mass at St. Augustine’s

      Sunday, January 18th, 10:30 am mass at St. Mary’s

  • Wednesday, February 25th, First Reconciliation at St. Mary's
  • First Eucharist Retreat, one Saturday morning in March - date still to be determined.
  • Saturday, April 18th, First Eucharist Rehearsal, 9:00 am at St. Augustine’s
  • Sunday, April 19th, First Eucharist, 10:30 mass at St. Augustine's.
  • Monday, April 20th, First Eucharist celebration with the SMSA school family followed by breakfast in the cafeteria.  Dismissal of students after breakfast.

      No school on Monday, April 20th for 2nd grade students.