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Preschool - Pre-K


April - May 2014


It seems like only yesterday that I was updating this blog.  The time is quickly flying by! 

We have covered the letters Rr through Ww and their many adventures.  Racing Raccoon had river raft races with his friends.  They made a rainbow raft, a red rug raft, a rubber raft and a racing rope raft. Spotty Snake loved to slip, slide and slither to her Snake Singing School,  Spotty loved to  sing and wore a special silver star on a string necklace. When she somersaulted from her singing stool, she broke her special necklace.  Her friends had a secret sale and earned seven cents to buy her a new necklace and shiny silver string when her favorite necklace broke.  Tricky Turkey was a tan turkey with ten tail feathers, two teeth, and a tongue.  Tricky lived on a turkey farm doing all sorts of tricks for her friends.  One day a tornado blew through and Tricky dove a taxi to tour the area and find her friends.  She found a tower of ten turtles, a tablecloth, some bread, and a tent.  She helper her turtle friends make a tasty meal of toast and she tiptoed out of the tent when they fell asleep.  Ugboo was a friendly alien from the planet UgUgUg.  Ugboo had a magic umbrella that could take him anywhere in the universe if he said the magic words: "Ug a boo, ug a boo, and a boo boo ug a."  He came upon some little purple creatures called the Uglies.  They wanted his magic umbrella.  Ug boo offered them an undershirt, a unicycle, and even a ukele.  Finally, he gave them a delicious drink called Unpop which they preferred instead of his umbrella.  Vam Vampire wore a veil and a special vest. She had a V-shaped nose and fangs.  She had lots of vim, vigor, and vitality because she ate her vegetables and took her vitamins, and drank vinegar. Van visited Valentine Village where she had a special friend Vera.  Vam made a vase and filled it with violets after playing volleyball with her friends.   Wacky Walrus lived in the white wilderness of Wyoming.  Wacky was wooly and had a wig and whiskers and she liked to waltz and wiggle.  She lived in a wigwam.  She had a special friend Wiggly worm and they would whistle, whisper, and wink together.  Wiggly enjoyed playing tricks on Wacky until he became weary.  Wacky made Wiggly a white, wooly wigwam so he no longer wandered away.

  Now we are working on the letter Xx.  We learned about X-Ray X and his adventures. This is a fun letter since it is tied to our pirate theme, X Marks the Spot!  We will be doing a variety of fun activities culminating with our Pirate Dress-up Days complete with treasure hunts.  This will be followed by the last two letters, Y & Z. Stay tuned for updates on these adventures. 

Both groups have been very busy.  The preschool kids have been busy working on their special weekly activities, and reinforcing many of the concepts we have covered through hands-on activities in their learning centers.    We are counting, coloring, cutting, and gluing.  We are very busy working in our workbooks and we are still working hard on holding our pencil and crayons correctly, too.  We are continuing to rote count to 30, identifying and matching the numbers 1 through 5 and beginning to identify some of the letters of the alphabet.  Our religion lessons have taken us up through Holy Week.  We have listened to stories about Jesus and his friends and we have learned how much God and Jesus love us. 

Both the preschool and the pre-K are working on learning their birthdates and addresses and we are beginning to learn telephone numbers.  

Pre-K students have been working very hard at taking their time and doing neat work.  They have been practicing printing their letters and numbers, counting objects as well as rote counting, working in their workbooks identifying pictures that begin with each of the letters they are working on.  The visual discrimination is becoming more difficult as they have to identify and match the upper and lower case letters. We are continuing to work on se-quencing and have been really emphasizing patterns.   The Pre-K continue to impress with their attention to their school work.  They are working in their workbooks and are able to work on more detailed work packets as we continue to cover more difficult material each day. In religion, we have learned more about Jesus's life as he has grown up and his life, his teachings, and his interactions with his friends. 

If you know anyone looking for a Preschool or Pre-K program, please invite them to visit.  Pre-registration is ongoing.

Thank you so much for all of the Easter snacks and treats.  The kids had fun hunting for Easter eggs with their 6th grade buddies.

We are taking part in the Earth Day activities on Wednesday, April 23rd.  We are also talking about things we can do to protect our planet.

Thursday and Friday, April 24th & 25th are DRESS LIKE A PIRATE DAYS!  They are also Show & Share Days.

Friday evening, April 25th, SMSA will be participating in Belleville's Bicentennial parade.  I hope to see many of you there!  Please let me know if you are marching. 

Our annual auction sponsored by the PTO is this Saturday, April 26th.  It really is a fun evening.  If you have time, please stop by and see our class auction project for the live auction.  It really turned out cute!  Hopefully, you will be joining us at the auction for a lively, fun evening.

May is a very, very busy month!  Our Spring concert will be Tuesday evening, May 6th.  All of the Preschool/Pre-K students will participate.  Then we will go to the May crowning at Mass on Wednesday morning, May 7th, followed by breakfast in the gym.  We will have our own field day on Friday, May 9th, when the rest of the school have their field day.

The Preschool/Pre-K field trip has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 13th.  We will be going to the Discovery Room at the St. Louis Science Center and to see some of the exhibits.  We will return to school for a Pizza Party.  Parents and grandparents are invited to attend the field trip but you MUST BE IN COMPLETE COMPLIANCE with the Diocesan Child Protection Policy in order to accompany us.  Please let me know asa soon as possible if you plan to attend.  Ms. Woods, the school administrative assistant, will verify compliance.  I will be sending home the field trip permission form and medical information form this week.  Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions concerning the field trip or other activities. 

This is followed by the school picnic at Althoff on Wedesday, May 14th.  In case your child has outgrown his/her t-shirt, please see school News Notes for SMSA ROCKS Lime Green T-shirt order forms. If your child likes to ride on picnic rides, the wrist band sale information is also in the News Notes.  Please watch the school notes for more picnic info or let me know if you have any questions. 

If you have not returned your child's progress report, please send it back as soon as possible.  It won't be long before the last quarter is finished!

Thanks again for all of your help, support, and cooperation this school year.  It has made my job a lot easier!

Ms. Cindy & Ms. Brenda 



April 23:  EARTH DAY

April 24 & April 25:  DRESS LIKE A PIRATE DAY!                         



May 6:    SPRING CONCERT 7:00 p.m.        

May 7:    MAY CROWNING & BREAKFAST                    

            EARLY DISMISSAL 1:30 p.m.Teacher In-Service 

            PTO MEETING 7:00 p.m.