Monday, November 24, 2014


Preschool - Pre-K


October/November 2014


I can't believe we are into the month of November already!!  The days and weeks have quickly flown by. The excitement of Halloween has settled as we move forward towards Thanksgiving.  The kids are continuing to work hard and to expand their horizons.

We continue listening to a different letter story each week.  We worked on the letters "Gg" and "Hh" with Halloween activities and are working on the letter "Ii" this week and the Letter "Jj" next week.  We have learned about Goofy Ghost and Happy Hippo and just listened to the story about Inky Inchworm. 

Goofy ghost was a green ghost with glasses who lived in a garbage can decorated with gold "G's".  Goofy loved to play the guitar and liked to play at the grocery store. Goofy liked to scare people at the  the gas station, on the golf course, in people's garages and in their gardens.  Goofy had a special way of scaring someone.  Instead of saying "Boo!", Goofy would loudly yell "G-G-G-GOO!"  When the people he scared figured out who was trying to scare them, they would say, "Good grief, Goofy!"  Goofy would glide back to his green garbage can when he finished his job of being a great ghost.

Happy Hippo had two horns, lots of hair, a hook holding a hanky, and a very kind heart.  Happy lived with a herd of hippos in a hippo house shaped like the letter H.  Each hippo had a heap of hay to sleep on.  Happy liked to collect hats.  He had hundreds of hats.  Happy met a new friend named Hannah Hippo.  Happy and Hannah were going to celebrate Hippopotamus Holiday at Hannah's house with a special treat of hamburgers.   Happy tried very hard to find just the right hat to wear to Hannah's house.  He tried on hard hats, hats that were too hot, too huge, and too high.  He even had a hammer hat that was too heavy.  Happy finally picked out his "happy hat" and it was just right.  He and Hannah had their hamburgers and a happy holiday.

Inky Inchworm had many troubles.  Inky lived in an inn that was full of other insects creeping and crawling around.  Inky would shake his hands and say, "Icky, icky, icky!"  There were also crying infants at the inn and all of the noise upset Inky.  There was even a band that played instruments day and night.  Poor Inky did not have a quiet place to rest.  Ivan the Eskimo saw Inky and learned how all of the noise was making life hard for Inky.  Ivan told Inky an interesting idea and together they gathered blocks of ice and built Inky a special place called an igloo that was peaceful and quiet.  Inky thanked Ivan by inviting him into the igloo for ice cream. 

Next week, we learn abouth the letter "Jj" with the story of Jolly Jogger who lives in a faraway jungle jumping with animals.  Jolly jogs through the jungle many times each day and wears a jacket as she jogs.  Her jacket has pockets and Jolly likes to collect junk and juggle as she jogs.  One day, Jolly hears a sound, "J-J-J-J-J-J" coming from an old deserted jeep.  Jolly finds a jaguar trapped inside.  Jolly jiggles, jerks, and jumps on the jeep until she loosens the jaguar and sets it free.  The jaguar and Jolly jog together in the jungle while Jolly tells jokes and juggles. When they are finished jogging, they both drink juice from a jug before the jaguar jumps back into the jungle.

We have yet another animal adventure before Thanksgiving.  This story is about a kind kangaroo named Kicky because she likeds to kick.  She carries her baby Kooky in her pouch with her wherever she goes.  One day, while kicking things, Kicky finds a set of four, colorful, shiny keys.  Kicky and Kooky are looking about for what the keys might open when they come to a building they have never seen before.  The lock on the door is painted red, just like one of the keys.  Kicky tries the red key, opens the door, and discovers a kitchen.  In the kitchen, Kicky and Kooky make some tea in a kettle and laugh, "K-K-K-K-K-K!" their happy kangaroo laugh.  Next, Kicky tries the blue key in a blue lock.  Inside this door, Kicky finds a kite collection.  When Kooky points to a yellow lock, Kicky tries the yellow key.  There, Kicky and Kooky find a kennel filled with animals.  The last key is a green key.  It takes them awhile to find a green lock.  When they find it, it is on a very large building.  When Kicky and Kooky open the door, they discover a kindergarten full of kids!  They have fun playing together until the bell rings.  When the kids get ready to go home, Kicky and Kooky give each kid a kiss, then hop away waving and laughing!

Both Preschool and Pre-K kids listen to these stories.  We talk about the sound that each letter makes, what the upper and lower case letter looks like, and try to recall the many objects and descriptive words that begin with the key letter of each story.  We also review the letters using flashcards and the letter animal pictures that coincide with each story.

Pre-K students then do their handwriting workbooks, practicing printing both the upper and lower case letter.  The Pre-K students also are working on an alphabet book of pictures that begin with each letter and printing both the upper and lower case letter on each corresponding picture.  The Pre-K students are also beginning to count objects from 1 - 10 and print the corresponding numbers. We are also working on a book of fall pictures and fall color words.  Pre-K not only are coloring each picture but are beginning to spell the color words, too. 

The Preschool students are coloring different pictures that begin with each letter of the alphabet after we listen to the story.  They are also very busy working in their workbooks, practicing pre-handwriting skills - tracing curved and slant lines, tracing squares, rectangles, circles,  and triangles, and listening and following directions.  Besides shape recognition, they are working on color recognition, and size differences - big, medium, and little. Preschool, too, is working on a fall book of colors and coloring each picture to match the color ink in which each color word is printed. 

Both groups were busy with their Halloween arts and crafts projects and are excited to begin working on our Thanksgiving projects.

This is a fun time of year as we begin our Thanksgiving/Native American theme.  We will be learning about the pilgrims and the Native American Indians and their ways of life many years ago.  We will learn about how the pilgrims and Native Americans helped each other and shared ideas.  We will also be learning about food harvests, woodland animals, autumn and winter preparations, and the types of housing the pigrims and Native Americans built. 

Report cards were sent home on Friday, October 31st.  You  also received a note about conference times for your Parent-Teacher conference in November. Please bring your child's report card with you to your conference along with any questions or concerns you might wish to discuss.

Grandparents Day will be here before you know it.  Friday, November 21st, your child's  grandparents are invited to join us for Mass, and donuts afterwards.  Grandparents then have the opportunity to visit with their grandchildren in the classroom, do an activity or project with them, and visit the book fair to shop for special items on each child's wish list. Be on the look out for this very special invitation and mark your calendar now for this eagerly anticipated day! 

This Sunday afternoon, November 9th, there will be an Open House from 1:30 - 3:00 p.m. here at the St. Augustine (SMSA) campus for parents to see, visit and tour the building for our new school which will house the  Preschool through 4th grade for the 2015-16 school year.  If you know anyone looking for a Preschool or Pre-K program, please invite them to visit.  It is not too late for new students to join our program.

Ms. Brenda and I  wish to extend a very heartfelt thank you for all of the Halloween party  treats, games, and supplies that all of you parents donated and for all of the parental help during the parties and parades.  The costumes, excitement and happiness was wonderful to see!  Thanks so much!  We truly appreciate it.

Thanks again for all of your help, support, and cooperation so far this school year.  Your continued support and cooperation only makes our jobs a lot easier!

Ms. Cindy & Ms. Brenda 



October 31 - Report Cards sent home


November  5 - Picture Retakes 8:30 a.m.

November 5 - Faculty Meeting  Early Dismissal 1:30 p.m.

November 5 - PTO Meeting  7:00 p.m. in gym

November 9 - New School (2015-16) OPEN HOUSE Primary Campus (Preschool - 4th Grade) St. Augustine (SMSA) campus 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.  Middle School (5th - 8th Grade) Cathedral Campus Noon - 1:30 p.m.  PSR (St. Mary Campus) 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

November 10 - Early Dismissal 11:30 a.m.  No lunch Served/ NO BASZ CARE

November 10 - Parent - Teacher Conferences 1 - 8 p.m.

November 11 - NO SCHOOL   Veteran's Day

November 21 - GRANDPARENT'S DAY - Early Dismissal 11:00 a.m. (No Lunch Served)  

                       Faculty In-Service

November 26-30 - NO SCHOOL   Thanksgiving Break