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Preschool - Pre-K


November/December 2014


It's hard to believe that November is almost over. The past days and weeks have quickly flown by. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we have been busy wrapping up our Thanksgiving Pilgrim/Native American unit.  I mentioned in my last blog that the kids are continuing to work hard and to expand their horizons.  That is ongoing, as we have been busy learning about the lifestyles of the early Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians and the many hardships and lessons learned from each other prior to the very first Thanksgiving feast of long ago.

If time allows, we have yet another animal adventure to learn about before Thanksgiving.  This story is about a kind kangaroo named Kicky because she likes to kick.  She carries her baby Kooky in her pouch with her wherever she goes.  One day, while kicking things, Kicky finds a set of four, colorful, shiny keys.  Kicky and Kooky are looking about for what the keys might open when they come to a building they have never seen before.  The lock on the door is painted red, just like one of the keys.  Kicky tries the red key, opens the door, and discovers a kitchen.  In the kitchen, Kicky and Kooky make some tea in a kettle and laugh, "K-K-K-K-K-K!" their happy kangaroo laugh.  Next, Kicky tries the blue key in a blue lock.  Inside this door, Kicky finds a kite collection.  When Kooky points to a yellow lock, Kicky tries the yellow key.  There, Kicky and Kooky find a kennel filled with animals.  The last key is a green key.  It takes them awhile to find a green lock.  When they find it, it is on a very large building.  When Kicky and Kooky open the door, they discover a kindergarten full of kids!  They have fun playing together until the bell rings.  When the kids get ready to go home, Kicky and Kooky give each kid a kiss, then hop away waving and laughing!  Should we not get this story done it will carry over into our December plans.

Both groups have been busy working on our Thanksgiving projects.

This is a fun time of year as we work on our Thanksgiving/Native American theme.  We have been learning about the pilgrims and the Native American Indians and their ways of life many years ago.  We have learned about how the pilgrims and Native Americans helped each other and shared ideas.  We have also been learning about food harvests, woodland animals, autumn and winter preparations, and the types of housing the pigrims and Native Americans built.  We have been working on several art and craft projects to enhance and supplement these educational activities.

Report cards were sent home on Friday, October 31st.  If you have not returned your child's report card, please do so as soon as possible.  I will be working on the 2nd quarter report cards as soon as the Christmas break is over.

Grandparents Day on Friday, November 21st, was a fun day for the kids and their grandparents.  After a special Mass, we enjoyed donuts and drinks before the grandparents joined the kids in their classrooms.  The Preschool/Pre-K children did a handprint Turkey placemat with Grandma and Grandpa.  I laminated them and will send them home in time for Thanksgiving.

Some of the Pre-K girls will be marching with the SMSA Pom-Pom squad in the annual Santa Parade Friday morning, November 28th.  The parade begins at 10 a.m. by St. Mary's at 17th and W. Main streets.

The Preschool/Pre-K students have been rehearsing several Christmas songs complete with actions for our Christmas Concert on Thursday, December 4th at 7:00 p.m. in the gym.  They will be performing with the Kindergarten class.  They need to arrive no later than 6:45 dressed in their holiday finery!  Mark your calendars for this very special performance.  Bring your video cameras and arrive early to get a good seat.

There will be early dismissal on Wednesday, December 3rd, at 1:30 for the monthly faculty meeting.

On Wednesday, December 10th,  we will visit  Santa's Cottage.  Several crafters make inexpensive gifts that the kids can purchase for their family members.  Last year the most expensive thing I saw was around $3.  Most of the items are priced anywhere from $0.50 - $3.00.  In the Friday News Notes, you will find a list that you can complete for your child with the names of family members-siblings, grandparents, aunts & uncles, etc. Please list the maximum amount you would like your child to spend on each person and we will help them stay within these guidelines.  Also, please let us know if they may purchase something for themselves.  (They like to buy themselves something, too!)  Please send cash.  Each crafter individually collects the fee for their own crafts.  Money may be sent in with your child's list in an envelope to my attention marked Santa's Cottage.  Ms. Brenda and I along with several adult helpers will make sure that your child gets the items on the list.  Each gift is wrapped and tagged, so please make sure you list terms of endearments for the relatives, too, especially if buying for relatives of both parents as well as siblings. (Ex.  Grandpa, Nana, Auntie, etc.)  

There will be preschool Christmas parties on Thursday, December 18th and Friday, December 19th.  Watch for more details to come.     

Ms. Brenda and I  wish to extend our wishes to you and your families for a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

Brace yourself!  The excitement of Christmas is just beginning.  We will be doing many fun Christmas activities throughout December.  I will keep you posted. 

Thanks again for all of your help, support, and cooperation so far this school year.  Your continued support and cooperation only makes our jobs a lot easier!

Ms. Cindy & Ms. Brenda 




November 26-30 - NO SCHOOL   Thanksgiving Break

December 3 - Early Dismissal 1:30 p.m. Faculty In-Service BASZ Available

December 4 - Christmas Concert 7:00 p.m. SMSA gym

December 19 - Early Dismissal 1:30 p.m . Christmas vacation begins.

December 20 - January 4 - Christmas/New Year's Holiday Break

January 5 - School Resumes

January 7 - Early Dismissal 1:30 p.m. Faculty Meeting

January 19 - NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Day (Munchkin Night - SMSA Gym 6:00 p.m.)