Wednesday, October 01, 2014



Preschool - Pre-K


August - September 2014


This school year is off to a fast start.  Although I haven't been there much so far, Ms. Brenda ad Ms. Lisa are doing a fantastic job of keeping things fun and flowing as I recuperate.  We have been busy learning all about ourselves and our school world.  We have been paracticing getting into a daily routine, learning the classroom rules, and becoming familiar with the many manipulatives and activities available within our classroom.  We have introduced our daily calendar, weather, and counting in English and Spanish during daily circle time.  We say the Pledge of Allegiance daily and are learning how to hold our right hand over our heart and then use the right hand to make the sign of the crossbefore saying the Angel of God and our snack prayer, too.

 We are learning the proper way to hold a crayon and pencil and learning how to color back and forth to cover a large area. We have begun working in both the Preschool and Pre-K workbooks.  The Preschool book begins with eye-hand coordination activities and the pre-writing skills of tracing horizontal left to right lines and vertical top to bottom lines.We are also beginning to work on our scissor skills, learning to hold scissors and open and shut them while cutting straight lines.  The Pre-K students are also working in their workbooks. They,too,are working on eye-hand coordination and pre-writing skills as preparation for beginning to print the letters of the alphabet.

This week we began our letter of the week with the letter "Aa."  We listened to the story of Apple Auntie and her adventures with a myriad of things beginning with the letter a and the short a sound.

Both groups have already been very busy.  The kids have been busy working on special weekly activities, and reinforcing many of the new concepts we we are introducing through hands-on activities in their learning centers.  We are counting, coloring, cutting, painting, and playing with playdough.  We are exercising our fingers by using tongs and tweezers to pick up and transfer pom-poms into containers. We have also begun to work on matching and finding an objects twin. Our formal religion lessons will begin next week, but we have already begun introducing the children to God and Jesus.  khave taken us up through Holy Week.  We are listening to stories about Jesus and we have learned how much God and Jesus love us. 

Please make sure that you turn in the sheet with emergency information, phone numbers, address, and birthdate if you have not done so already.  

If you know anyone looking for a Preschool or Pre-K program, please invite them to visit.  It is not too late for new students to join our program.

Thanks again for all of your help, support, and cooperation so far this school year.  Your continued support and cooperation only makes my job a lot easier!

Ms. Cindy & Ms. Brenda